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Stacey Hoops Quick shop

Stacey Hoops

$30.00 USD

Meredith Nemirov, "Aspen Map I & II," Limited Edition Giclee Print Quick shop
Frida Khalo Oyster Dish Quick shop
Peacock Feather Oyster Dish Quick shop
Peacock Oyster Dish Quick shop

Peacock Oyster Dish

$54.00 USD

Oceanic Oyster Dish Quick shop

Oceanic Oyster Dish

$54.00 USD

Gold Clam Dish Quick shop

Gold Clam Dish

$48.00 USD

The World is Your Oyster Dish Quick shop
Ombre Lumbar Cushion Quick shop

Ombre Lumbar Cushion

$110.00 USD

Handmade Jewelry, Furniture and Home Décor

At MiXX projects, we bring a thoughtfully curated collection of sustainable home décor, handmade furniture, and artisan jewelry from around the globe to our home in Telluride, Colorado. We value creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship –and those values are reflected in our eclectic collection of handmade jewelry, handcrafted home goods, furniture, and more.

We believe in a well-curated life, globally responsible products, and supporting and empowering creatives, makers, and designers. We partner with local and global artists, designers, and small businesses to create sustainable, ethical products that make a difference. From handmade jewelry  and home décor, to furniture, affordable artwork and prints, you can find one of a kind pieces to help curate your own life -all with an eye towards sustainability and ethical collaboration.

When you shop at our telluride location or online, your creativity meets the creativity of our artists and designers. We’re here to pass their inspiration on to you, so you can express your individuality and personal style in your day to day life.

We believe that art and design can be a positive force in your everyday life. We want that same positive energy to carry through our entire supply chain, which is why we work so hard to partner with ethical designers and craftspeople to bring you one of a kind products you can feel good about incorporating into your life. Shop our collection , and explore the transformative power of art and design firsthand. Visit our Telluride art gallery!

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