Fair Trade Home Goods & Gifts

Fair Trade Artisan Home Goods

Few things are more beautiful than gathering friends and family around the kitchen table or in the living room. It's not just the people you love that make a house feel like home, but also the sustainable home decor that tells a story through its craftsmanship.

Discover our selection of ethical home goods that are sure to help anyone create their dream home. Because we believe that each object in someone's home should tell a story, our collection includes independent artisan handmade home décor products that come in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for whimsical lighting, pillows, and throws in a unique design, art glass, or masterfully crafted tabletops , at MiXX Projects, you can find a wide and colorful variety of home decor gifts.

Do you have a friend whose house looks like a gorgeous Pinterest page? Then you can surprise them with one of our artful glass vases . Their intricate and nature-inspired design is sure to catch the eye and make everyone ask: "Where did you get this?"

Or, for your friends who just moved to a new home, you can gift them one of our handwoven dessert bowls for the nights they will spend curled up on the sofa, enjoying a treat after a long day. The colorful swirls and neutral accents are sure to make these bowls pop. From upcycled horseshoe wall accents to bowls and dishes made from recycled telephone wires, we’ve curated a selection of sustainable home goods that are lovely to look at and light on the environment.

We stock a wide selection of bud vases and jewelry dishes, as well as purely decorative sustainable decor accents like our hand carved olive wood hearts. Our collection of Art Glass is filled with even more unique accent pieces in eye catching jewel tones, like decorative bottles from Joe Cariati and Michael Anchin, and Robert Burch’s glass and rock cairns, produced in one of the only eco-friendly glass studios in the country.

Why Shop Artisan Home Décor?

When it comes to home decor, the options are almost endless. However, we are trying to do things a bit differently here. Not only that our products are handmade by independent artists, but we put an emphasis on the process and the impact it has on the environment and other people. Our collection offers fair trade & ethical home decor, meaning that the materials are ethically sourced and produced. Our collection of sustainable home goods even extends to softer stuff - enter our selection of Pillows and Throws. From buttery soft synthetic chinchilla to colorful alpaca throws handwoven in Peru, this collection is full of cozy fair trade home goods you can feel good about. If you are looking for fair trade home goods that are sure to match any style and fit any room, browse our collection.