Meet our team

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Our proprietor, curator, and all around fearless leader, Pia, founded MiXX projects + atelier in 2014 in the quirky and colorful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Pia studied Fashion Design and Art History and worked for years as a design director for both fashion and home furnishings in the East Coast hubs of New York City and Boston before bringing her keen curatorial eye west to the Rocky Mountains. We owe our exquisitely diverse collection of beautiful things to Pia’s talent for discovering new and emerging artists and designers. Along with that, her passion for building creative collaborations and finding beauty in everyday objects helps create the quintessential ‘MiXX’ that is our namesake.

When she’s not running the show here, Pia loves hiking, biking, yoga, and wandering the globe. Staying inspired even in her downtime, Pia totes her camera along with her to capture the magical moments and beautiful humanity she encounters along the way. Her favorite designers in the MiXX mix are Michelle Ross and Santa Fe based Oropopo.

Pia loves her small team of mountain women and the energy and creativity they bring to the table - and we assure you, the feeling is mutual.

Our Arbiter of Taste, Hannah spent her winters in Telluride growing up, and learned to ski on the steep terrain of the San Juans. She fell in love, and it was only a matter of time before she made the arrangement permanent. When she made the classic attempt to stay for ‘just a season’ over 6 years ago, she met Pia and the rest is history. Hannah studied Fine Art with a focus in photography at Wesleyan University, and spent time living and working in New York City before realizing she was a mountain girl at heart. A merchandising genius, Hannah is also passionate about fostering relationships with creators and bringing their gifts to the public. She is honored to work for woman-led business built on a foundation of ethical practices. An avid skier in the winter, of course, Hannah spends her summers mountain biking and rafting in our big backyard. Another fan of Michelle Ross (you’ll start seeing a theme here), Hannah also loves Shana Gulati’s raw diamond masterpieces.

A tale as old as Telluride time, our Creative Wizard Edith only planned to spend a few months in Colorado - that was 5 years ago. A lifelong doodler, Edith studied Studio Art at Kenyon College and taught herself the basics of graphic design in her spare time. After spending a couple years working as an artist’s assistant in New York City, she took a break from city living that turned into a new life in the mountains of Southwest Colorado. In her day to day work at MiXX, Edith loves flexing her creative muscles to express MiXX’s heart and ethos across all our platforms, and delights in the unexpected conversations that turn customers from strangers to new friends. She is definitely too embarrassed to ski with you, but in her free time, you can find her cooking, crafting, mountain biking, or floating down a river. Her fave MiXX lines are Emilie Shapiro, Anna Monet, and all-around team favorite Michelle Ross.