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Tumbleweed Pendant

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Coral Pendant

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Indoor Pendant Lighting

An important final touch - but often one of the most difficult decisions to make - how you light your space can make a world of difference in the way it looks and feels. Our collection of indoor pendant lighting bypasses the ordinary, making it a little easier to choose with just a few statement-making accent lights.

The Coral Pendant collection is a series of indoor pendant lighting pieces that pair intricate designs inspired by nature with subtle bamboo exteriors and internal accents of bright, pop-y colors. Available in a variety of sizes, you can find something just right for your space.

Looking for something completely unique? Toeing the line between art and functional lighting, our Tumbleweed Handmade Pendant light fixtures certainly fit the bill. Handmade in Utah from real tumbleweeds, these stunning accent lights can practically serve as the centerpiece of a room all on their own. Browse our collection of home goods & gifts to find other unique décor items for your home. We offer throw pillows, entertaining sets and more!