Unique Handmade Necklaces

Emilie Pendant Quick shop

Emilie Pendant

$182.00 USD

Christine Necklace Quick shop

Christine Necklace

$110.00 USD

Zoya Necklace Quick shop

Zoya Necklace

$158.00 USD

Audra Necklace Quick shop

Audra Necklace

$262.00 USD

Luca Necklace Quick shop

Luca Necklace

$128.00 USD

Lev Necklace Quick shop

Lev Necklace

$194.00 USD

Mele Necklace with Rhodium Quick shop
Mele Necklace with Horn Quick shop
Olia Necklace Quick shop

Olia Necklace

$198.00 USD

Artisan Necklaces

From everyday staples and never-take-it-off chains, to show-stopping statement pieces, our collection of unique handmade necklaces has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or looking to think outside the box, you can find something to express your personal style in our assortment of handmade chokers, pendants, lariats, and more.

We know our customers are as creative as the artists and designers we work with, and we’ve curated a collection of handmade necklaces to help you make your own statement with your wardrobe. In addition to staple 14k gold chains for layering and handmade chokers you can wear all week long, we have plenty of fun and funky statement pieces that defy conventions - all with an eye towards craftsmanship and quality. Our designers take pride in their craft, so when you buy an artisan necklace from us, you know you’re getting something that will last.

From laser cut leather to handmade pendants formed from lost-wax brass casting, playful wrap necklaces and dainty gold chains, there’s something special for you in our collection of unique handmade necklaces. Accessorize your wardrobe to express your creativity and individuality with handcrafted jewelry that will stand the test of time.

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