Vero Gonzalez

Veronica Gonzalez is a Santiago based artist. The title of her work, “Nature and Memory,” successfully embodies what the talented artist captures in her work. Vero is inspired by the constant flow of ideas underlying the relationship of memory and its manifestations in feminine practices; interweaving dreams and realities, passing thresholds, wandering and walking, the body functioning as a territory, and nature serving as an avenue of contemplation.

This dichotomy of the human v. nature is resolute with the subtlety of materials Vero uses in her work–silk, paper, linens, sheets, bronzes and feathers. Through these materials, Vero aims to transmit the sensitivity of the interaction between nature and the human mind.

“Nature and Memory” is accompanied by a publication with the same title. It contains images of the entire body of work, including texts written by Lucrecia Piedrahita, an established Colombian curator.