Mark Khaisman

Khaisman’s works are pictorial illusions formed by light and shadow. The inherent quality of tape allows him to manipulate light in a direct way. By using layers of translucent packing tape applied to backlit acrylic sheets, Khaisman is able to render these eye-catching pieces through the blockage and allowance of light. Khaisman states, “unforgiving transparency together with default setting of width and color augments the seductive banality of my material choice. My image building process can be described as “chaos management”. although by the time the piece is finished I don’t exactly know how it has happened.” In regards to his subject matter, Khaisman has made the following statement, “the juxtaposition of the disposable with the iconic could explain the superficial motives, which make up the work. I was growing up without expectation to see much outside of the Iron Curtain; probably this is when imaginary and fictional replaced reality. I’m after an Imaginary City. In this “Imaginary City,” I reimagine old movies and photographs, iconic historical and pop objects. I see these images as part of our shared collective memory that beckons to be continually reinterpreted.”