Makeba Rainey

Makeba Rainey is a New York based artist whose portraiture work reflects prominent social figures in the community. Her mixed-media work can be described as digital painting. First, she takes a photo of her subject and then creates digital paintings with colors and designs that are inspired by the subject, such as their music, art, and personality. After she completes the digital aspect of her work, she adds paint and collage to make each edition unique. All portraits are done in an edition of 5, each one differing slightly.

Rainey views her work as a conversation starter; she wants the conversation to last as long as possible and spread like a virus. In her own words, “art, today at least, is largely based on collaboration. Artistic growth, intellectual development, is based on collaboration, sharing ideas, tweaking small but important details to where a different type of person can understand and embrace your message and then listening and embracing their feedback.” Rainey’s mission is to inspire others to talk about art; she understands not everyone is a visual artist, however, everyone has the capacity to converse about art. “Everyone should be involved in that discussion. Art makes the world beautiful, beauty makes life worth living.”