Janos Hustzi

“Can things be deprived of their origins?” Janos Huszti is an emerging portraitist and conceptual painter based in Budapest, Hungary. Huszti captures the nuances in the human form with meditation and precision. He depicts historical moments and characters with modern appeal. He is successful in his ability to blur the lines of time–is this moment of the past, present, or future? It is up to the beholder to decide. 

He likes to use different materials in his approach and is inspired by contemporary street art. He received his diploma from the University of Pécs, as a painter in 2005 in Hungary. He spent one term at University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England, during which, he experimented with conceptual art. For the past four years, his home studio has been at the PP Center in Budapest. If you find yourself in Hungary, he encourages visitors to come to the center and experience a true Hungarian contemporary art scene of creators and curators alike.