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Most artists’ journey begins with a pen and paper. As the artist evolves, the paper becomes a landmark to surpass—a transition to a new canvas. This month MiXX will be celebrating a return to paper. Our artists Lisa Kairos, Sheila Giolitti, Katie Heffelfinger, Marco Grassi,......

This month MiXX is finishing off a great summer season on a high note– featuring notable local artists such as Danielle DeRoberts, Britt Markey, Brittany Hale, Pam Conrad, and Molly Perrault. MiXX could not be more ecstatic to grace its walls with the work by......

This month MiXX presents two of our “greats” Marco Grassi & Nick Veasey. While both of the artists may be considered antitheses to one another, they are both using different mediums to interpret the architecture of anatomy. Marco, originally an architect, took to the canvas......

This month MiXX will be featuring work that brings the outdoors, indoors. Each artist on display is reinterpreting the organic medium. Whether they physically let the outdoors alter their canvas such as Tina Salvesen does when she buries her handmade paper in the ground for......


The MiXX is a free community event exploring how art is provoking important conversations within society. Each event, ten or more guests gather at MiXX for a round-table discussion and pot-luck style meal. Creative dialogue ensues and memorable conversations are had. MiXX is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate on presentations with others, as well as suggestions for topics to address in the future. The MiXX mission is to bring a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and interests to this round-table discussion; no prior experience with art is required or necessary.

Art & Escapism

This MiXX addresses how art is created and manifested as an escape from reality. We discuss how different artists throughout history have been inspired by hallucinogens, dreams, and their sub-conscience. Time to get a little heady!

Art & Body Image

In this MiXX, the presentation surrounds the contentious issue of body image, and society’s perception of beauty. We discuss how various artists around the world are challenging our preconceived notions of beauty, and providing us a new lens through which we view the body

Art & Lives Matter

This MiXX discusses how artists are addressing the divisive issue of police brutality, “Black Lives Matter,” and institutional racism that has swept across our nation over the last few years. Artists are putting their voices out there and working to raise awareness about these injustices.

Art & Agriculture

In this segment of the MiXX, we draw on the incredible works from artists around the world that pertain to agriculture and the political, social, and environmental issues that erupt within this realm. Across the globe, artists are shedding light on the issues of MSGs, waste, drought, the migrant farmer, and the livelihood of those who supply the world with food.