Ellen Koment

“Images that come from within and without become a physical reality in wax. It is different than other mediums. Most of us know wax as mutable, fluid, responsive, forgiving, yet it is in fact hotter, faster, and more physical. It does not wait for you; it sings your song, resists control, yet bends to your ways and at the same time leads you down new paths. It has its own voice and its own language.”

– Ellen Koment

Originally from New York and a graduate of Cooper Union and UC Berkeley, Ellen Koment now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After a long and successful career in painting, Ellen is primarily working in the encaustic medium. Nearly twenty years after the inception of her encaustic practice, Koment is creating a new visual language of her own within the realm of abstract expressionism. Hot wax is layered over thick card stock paper, creating pieces that exhist as both painting and sculpture.