Ellen Koment

“Images that come from both outside and from within become a physical reality in wax. Was is different than other mediums. It is mutable, fluid, responsive, and forgiving. It is hotter, faster, and more physical. It does not wait for you; instead it hardens and you must apply heat to reawaken it. It sings your song and resists control, although control is entirely possible. It bends to your ways and leads you down new paths. It has its own voice and its own language that suggests and leads, responds and obeys.” Ellen Koment

Originally a New Yorker, a graduate of the Cooper Union Art School and UC Berkeley, Ellen now lives and works in Santa Fe, NM. After a long career painting and exhibiting in the Bay Area, including inclusion in the exhibit “New Painters” at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Ellen now works primarily with encaustic, and has been exhibiting in this medium for twenty years.