Christine Gedeon

Christine Gedeon currently resides and works and Berlin, Germany. Christine creates abstract maps with a sewing machine, fabric and paint on raw canvas. The intent behind her materials is to connect the dichotomy of the cold, analytical masculine subject with the appropriation of traditional feminine materials, adopting a sewing machine as a mechanically precise drawing tool. Her maps are inspired by aerial view landscape drawings and maps. She invents ‘plots’ “that are neither true abstractions, nor complete landscapes, but navigate between interpretative poles.” Her work explores the human desire to define ourselves in relation to the environment that surrounds us. As individuals, we habitually create a narrative in response to our environment whether it is past, present, or future. Her most recent stitched works are inspired by the evolution of urban landscapes and how it ties to memory, focusing recently on New York City’s topographical evolution. She draws on Google Earth and archival images to collect data as a starting point for her creation of an invented series of urban renewal projects. “The works are still done through improvisation pointing to a heterotopic, neither here nor there vision of New York; an unreality based on a utopian inspired ideal.”