Andrei Petrov

As a child Andrei was involved in an accident that affected his memory and compelled him to begin painting. Ever since, he has been trying to reclaim what was lost through his expressive work.

Each piece portrays the intrinsic struggle and selective inclusion or exclusion of details in the process of recollection. At times, sharpness occurs in the rear of the picture plane, while the out of focus, obscured areas exist in a larger scale toward the foreground. This juxtaposition successfully references the inscrutable nature of long and short‐term memory.

His paintings probe the distortion, incompleteness and rare moments of clarity in the shadows of memory. The unpredictable nature of these acts of memory is expressed in Andrei’s work.

In regards to technique, Andrei explores the treatment and effects of the Impressionist approach on an abstract language that is painted and applied using traditional brushes and untraditional handmade tools. He combines light and color to set the emotional tone in his paintings; these characteristics shift according to the surface on which they are applied. As a result, the distorted, natural forms provide unpredictable discoveries without the distraction of clearly representational elements that would define the subject and end the wandering of our imaginations.